TCMS 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony

8th Grade Recognition Ceremony

The 8th graders at Taylor County Middle School participated in their recognition ceremony on Friday, May 19th, 2017 to commemorate their completion of middle school.

Kaitlyn Phillips led the opening prayer and was followed by TCMS Principal Danita Johnson who welcomed family members, friends, and guests to the ceremony. Olivia Beams gave the Reflection Speech, which was written by fellow TCMS student Abi Miller. Next, Mrs. Pat Jones and a few of the 8th graders presented Mrs. Dee Dee Davis and her family with the “American Dream Quilt” in honor of the late Taylor County School District Board Member, Mr. Tony Davis.

Before the awards and recognitions were given the 8th grade choir performed “Seasons of Love,” under the direction of Mr. Jericho McCoy.

The following were the Top Students per Content Area. Each teacher per subject area nominated a student.


            Ms. Hays: Landon Rodenberg and Sydney Bertram

            Ms. Myers: Marc Shewmaker and Emilee Walters

            Ms. Spalding: Dalton Nunn and Laneysa Caldwell


            Ms. Hays: Marc Shewmaker and Emilee Walters

            Ms. Myers: Jacob Hayes and Emily Watkins

            Ms. Spalding: Kaden McNear and Anna Pinson


            Ms. Blair: Tristan Walters and Laneysa Caldwell

            Ms. Lobb: Jonah Burgess and Emilee Walters


            Ms. Cox: Cristhian Blair and Audrey Young

            Ms. Mattingly: Lukas Burress and Sydney Bertram

Social Studies

            Ms. Jones: Jacob Hayes and Sydney Bertram

            Mr. McFarland: Peyton Dooley and Amerilee Lowe


TCHS Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor Lindsay Wayne presented the Junior Agriculture Discovery Degree. This degree was awarded to the following students:

Abbi Brock

Kaylie Burton

Kyle Chappell

Jaylin Cox

McKayla Fair

Hailey Farmer

Stephen Ferrie

Trevor Gray

Brad Gribbins

Thomas Hafley

Abigail Hillard

Ayden Hillard

Anna Grace Hunt

Adam Jeffries

Lindsey Knight

Becky Lowe

Sarah Madson

Kaden McNear

John Murphy

Stelia Osinger

Landon Pike

Jacob Porter

George Prebee

Brianna Sanders

Breanna Sharp

Harley Stamp

Lexi Tikkanen

Collin White

Students who had a 3.0 – 3.5 GPA were presented with the Silver Certificate President’s Education Award. These students are Matthew Wright, Alexis Wilson, Jadin Sturgill, Logan Smother, Tyler Shofner, Shelby Sebastion, Aleah Schwab, Presley Schnepp, Daniela Sanchez, George Prebee, Landon Pike, Wesley Oliver, C. Taylor Noel, Alexis Mings, Abigail Miller, Savannah Mejean, Hannah McDonald, Sarah Madson, Gabrielle Lyvers, Nathaniel Lyons, Jordan Lumpkins, James Long, Steven Leake, Hunter Ingram, Cadi Howard, Ayden Hillard, Valeria Herrera, Railee Hagan, Chloe Gribbins, James Gibbs, Alisha Garrett, Eric Ferrie, Hailey Farmer, Makayla Fair, Carson Edelen, Jacob Delk, Cameron Cox, Christian Colvin, Luke Clark, Lindsey Canada, Sarah Bunnell, Chance Brockman, Jason Bright, Amber Baumgardner, Samantha Alfaro, and Armina Adams.

Students with a 3.6 – 4.0 GPA throughout the year were presented with the Gold Certificate President’s Education Award. These students are Audrey Young, Makayla Wright, L. Abigail Witham, Angelina Witham, S. Connor Wise, Grayson Wise, David Wise, Collin White, Carson Watson, Emily Watkins, Tristan Walters, Emilee Walters, Allison Walters, Austin Tungate, Alexia Tikkanen, Kendall Thompson, Liane Teel, Avery Smith, Adelia Simpson, Marc Shewmaker, Kyle Shepperson, Breanna Sharp, Drew Sapp, Brianna Sanders, Conner Roney, Noah Rogers, Landon Rodenberg, Madeline Riley, Charles Reynolds, Abigail Ragland, Jacob Porter, Carter Pooser, Gracie Pogue, Anna Pinson, Kaitlyn Phillips, Hannah Phillips, Kacy Perkins, H. Dalton Nunn, Austin Noel, Bernard Niemeyer, R. Davis Nelson, Dylan Morrison, Sydney Mings, Mackenzie Miller, Morgan Melton, W. Kaden McNear, Emma Maynard, Hayes Mason, Briana Mardis, Weslee Lowe, Rebecca Lowe, Amerilee Lowe, Anoushka Lazarus, Justin Lain, Madison Kinser, Adam Kehoe, Ariel Jones, Adam Jeffries, Caley James, Abigail Hillard, Jacob Hayes, Lathan Hamilton, Chloe Hafley, Alaina Gwilliam, Jade Grisso, Bradley Gribbins, Gerald Gonzalez, Breanna Gilpin, Gavin Foster, Natalie Ford, Joshua Ford, B. Seth Ford, Kayla Ferguson, Reili Farmer, Mary Farmer, Keeli Farmer, D. Paige Farmer, Eli Durham, M. Nicole Duplantis, Peyton Dooley, Adrian Doerr, Gabriella Delagarza, Macy Deering, Riley Curry, Landon Crews, Molly Crabtree, Jaylin Cox, Shelby Cole, C. Luke Cole, Ethan Coghill, Mckenzie Clark, Nicholas Cheatham, Kyle Chappell, Mckayla Cecil, Laneysa Caldwell, Kayci Caldwell, Lukas Burress, Jonah Burgess, Micah Brodie, Abigail Brock, Logan Bricken, Holly Brents, Cristhian Blair, D. Frank Bladen, Sydney Bertram, Johnaven Bell, Kyler Beard, Olivia Beams, Breanna Bailey, Jackson Antle, Catherine Allen, and Kailee Abren.

The following students received a perfect attendance certificate for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Sydney Bertram, Micah Brodie, Lindsey Canada, Charles Cole, Macy Deering, Nicole Duplantis, Keeli Farmer, Reili Farmer, Joshua Ford, Abigail Hillard, Ayden Hillard, Nathaniel Lyons, Emma Maynard, Kacy Perkins, Kyle Shepperson, Tristain Walters, Emily Watkins, Makayla Wright, and Matthew Wright.

Six students had a record of perfect attendance for all three years at Taylor County Middle School! Those students were Sydney Bertram, Abigail Hillard, Lindsey Canada, Tristan Walters, Nicole Duplantis, and Kyle Shepperson.

Jaylin Cox received the Star Discovery Degree, which was presented by Mrs. Lindsay Wayne.

The Excellence in Education Award was given to students who obtained all A’s during 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Congratulations to the following students who received this high honor: Sydney Bertram, Shelby Cole, Gabriella DeLaGarza, D. Paige Farmer, Alaina Gwilliam, Amerilee Lowe, Briana Mardis, Morgan Melton, Allison Walters, Emilee Walters, and Audrey Young.

At the end of the year, 8th grade students submitted writing samples. The winners received the William Neal Award for Creative Promise in Literature. The winners were Dalton Nunn and Olivia Beams.

The Principal’s Award was given to “stand out students” from the year. Mrs. Danita Johnson and Mr. Eddie Clement, TCMS Assistant Principal, nominated students for this award.  Congratulations to Johnaven Bell Chloe Gribbins, Josh Ford, Grayson Wise, Hunter Ingram, Jaylin Cox, Hayes Mason, Savannah Mejean, Jacob Hayes, Hannah Phillips, Ethan Coghill, Daniela Sanchez, Noah Rogers, Brianna Yates, Collin White, Sydney Bertram, Logan Smothers, Molly Crabtree, Connor Roney, Breanna Gilpin, Carson Watson, Anoushka Lazaurus, Lathan Hamilton, Amerilee Lowe, Weslee Lowe, Abby Witham, Connor Wise, Adelia Simpson, Dalton Nunn, Catherine Allen, Tristan Walters, Brooklyn Wooley, Adam Kehoe, Emma Maynard, Landon Crews, Avery Smith, Ayden Hillard, Paige Farmer, Marc Shewmaker, and Chris Mitchell.

Teachers at Taylor County Middle School nominated and voted for two 8th graders to win the Most Outstanding 8th Grader award. The winners were Sydney Bertram and Jacob Hayes!

Before the Promotion Certificates were given to the graduating students, Makayla Wright gave the Future Speech to the audience. Lastly, Mr. Eddie Clement presented the closing.


More pictures from the ceremony can be viewed on our Facebook page:

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