TCHS Class Night 2017

The Taylor County High School 2017 graduating class celebrated Class Night on Thursday, May 18th. Students received awards and scholarships throughout the ceremony.

The Melvin D Martin Scholarship, sponsored by Taylor County Conservation District, was awarded to Rebecca Cowherd, Rylen Smith, and Maddie Tungate.

The American Red Cross Community Service Scholarship was presented to Alexis Kiaurakis, Amanda Kiaurakis, and Maddie Tungate.

Kristin King, TCHS Beta Club Sponsor, awarded Michelle Hochstedler the TCHS Beta Scholarship.

Andrea Woodcox received the Shelly’s Smiles Scholarship. This is awarded to a senior entering the Human Service Field.

The Delilah Gonzales Memorial Scholarship was presented to Madison Burress, Katie Harris, Madison Lauer, and Rachel Shoemaker.

Halie Bloyd received the Taylor County Education Association Scholarship.

Bluegrass Cellular presented their scholarship to Bryana Edrington.

Brenton Benningfield, Rebecca Cowherd, and Rylen Smith all received the Taylor County Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship.

Dustin Barnes presented the Elkhorn Pitman Masonic Scholarship to Carly Bland.

Both Chianne Howard and Carly Bland received the Taylor County Extension Homemakers Scholarship.

TCHS Marketing Teacher, Kristen Sexton, presented Rylen Smith with the Patty G. Evans Scholarship.

The following students received the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Scholarship: Joshua Blaine Beard, Justyn Tyler Gilpin, Heather Ann Haggerty, Luke Dawson Hunt, Cameron Lewis Keith, Gavin Michael Shirley, and Nicholas Clay Smith. The scholarships were presented by LaQuita Goodin.

Chloe Benningfield and Madison Lauer were awarded the Taylor County Youth Leadership Scholarship, which is provided by the Taylor County Scholarship Golf Scramble.

Taylor County High School class of 1978 awarded their scholarship to Tyler Franklin.

Carly Bland received the Campbellsville Kiwanis/ Doug Mullins Memorial Scholarship.

Rylen Smith received the Taylor County Farm Bureau Scholarship.

The Campbellsville Rotary Club presented their scholarship to Katie Harris.

Bethany Shively awarded Rylen Smith with the Business & Professional Women’s Club Scholarship.

Madison Turner, a TCHS alum, presented Carolyn Bast, Lexie Edelen, Elijah Epperson, Lydia Epperson, Ashley Sanders, and Eric Sluder with the Reed Brothers Insurance Scholarship.

Madison Bishop received both the Lisa G. Gupton Scholarship and the TCHS Band Booster Scholarship.

The Attendance Award, which was given to students with 5 plus years perfect attendance, went to Caitlyn Baldwin and Belinda Cheng.

Kaitlyn Beard, Zachary King, Rebekah Cowherd, Rylen Smith, Chloe Beningfield, Kaitlyn Lee, Cailee Higdon, Madison Lauer, Tyler Franklin, Hunter Matney, and Maddie Tungate all received the George Caldwell Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Team Taylor County presented their scholarships to Dylan Gaines, Caitlyn Baldwin, Leandra Sims, and Jacob Boils.

Lindsey McPherson presented the College & Career Readiness Scholarships to Amelia Newton, Trevor South, and Cheyenne Berrier. The Taylor County Scholarship Golf Scramble funds these scholarships.

TCHS Business Teacher, Patty Rodgers, presented both of the Taylor County Bank Cardinal Financial Center Scholarships. The Forcht Bank Higher Education Scholarship went to Micah Franklin. The Banker of the Year scholarship went to Kaitlyn Lee.

The TCHS Early Graduate Scholarships went to Casey Cundiff, Alyssa Curry, Victoria Daugherty, Andrew Lowe, Madelynn Sneed, Jasmine Ward, and Jackson Martin. This scholarship is made available through two House Bills that were passed in 2013. This bill made funds available to students for college use in the event the student wished to pursue a high school diploma within three years or less. The students must meet proficiency on the End of Course Exams in English II, Biology, US History, and Algebra II. They must also meet the set college benchmarks on the ACT: 18 English, 19 Math, and 20 Reading.

The Aviation Scholarship, which highlights a four-year involvement with the program, was awarded to Luke Perkins, Zane Bemis, Clayton Williams, Meghan Sanford, and Brian Pelcher.

Logan Alsip received the Kentucky National Guard Award. Shawn Park and Bethany Lee received the U.S. Marine Corp Scholastic Excellence Award. Ezra Oliver and Katie Harris received the U.S. Marine Corp Distinguished Athlete Award. Elijah Epperson and Madison Bishop received the U.S. Marine Corp Music Award. Meghan Sanford received the United States Air Force Scholarship.

The following students received scholarships from University of Louisville.

Cailee Higdon – Governor Scholars Award Scholarship

Martin Vasquez – Martin Luther King Scholarship

Bethany Lee – Henry Vogt Award Scholarship


Jake Smith received the Trustee Scholarship.

Carly Bland received the Commonwealth Scholarhip from Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

Ethan Cornell received the Merit Scholarship from Hanover College.

Stetson University awarded Megan Januski with the Faculty Merit Based Scholarship.

Murray State University awarded Mariah Cox with the Regents Scholarship.


Taylor County High School’s Perfect 4.0 GPA Honorees are recognized for maintaining a perfect 4.0 unweighted GPA throughout their entire high school career. This year, 13 seniors received this honor: Chloe Benningfield, Carly Bland, Belinda Cheng, Victoria Daugherty, Aeriel Edelen, Bryana Edrington, Madison Lauer, Bethany Lee, Kaitlyn Lee, Rachel Martin, Ivy Neal, Rylen Smith, Trevor South, and Martin Vasquez.


Taylor County High School’s Top Academic of Excellence Award was awarded to 14 outstanding seniors this year. The award recognizes seniors with a 4.2 weighted GPA or higher who represent the top 5% of their class: Bethany Lee, Rylen Smith, Madison Lauer, Bryana Edrington, Kaitlyn Lee, Ivy Neal, Belinda Cheng, Shawn Park, Chloe Benningfield, Chelsea Carroll, Andrea Woodcox, Martin Vasquez, Mariah Cox, and Meghan Sanford.


Taylor County High School ACT 30 Point Club recognizes the seniors who made a 30 or higher on the ACT during their high school career: Chloe Benningfield, Malorie Byrne, Mariah Cox, Bryana Edrington, Madison Lauer, Bethany Lee, Shawn Park, Meghan Sanford, Maddie Tungate, and Andrea Woodcox.


Taylor County High School Hall of Fame 2017 members were selected by their teachers and each represents a career major and/or academic subject. The following students excelled in these areas and have been awarded this honor of distinction.

Agriculture – Devin O’Keefe and Rebecca Cowherd

Business – Katilyn Lee

Marketing – Rylen Smith

Early Childhood and Education – Carly Bland

Culinary – Raylee Perkins

Engineering and Technology – Nathan Mink

Medical Services – Martin Vasquez

Music – Madison Bishop and Kaitlyn Beard

Art – Andrea Woodcox

English – Andrea Woodcox

Math – Madison Lauer

Science – Meghan Sanford

Social Studies – Ivy Neal


The following students were Department Award Recipients.

Andrew Powell – Government English IV

Michelle Hochstedler – Medical Terminology

Rebecca Bladen – College Algebra and Fashion/ Interior Design

Chloe Benningfield – AP Literature, AP U.S. History, AP Statistics, Chamber Ensemble, and Future Educator

Brandi Blakeman – Writing and Outstanding Musician

Clayton Williams – Physics and Aviation

Chase Lotter – Cardinal Achievement

Elijah Epperson – Percussion

Victoria Daugherty – Microsoft Word & Office and Chamber Ensemble

Ivy Neal – Social Studies, Spanish I, and Spanish II

Carly Bland – Literature

Lydia Epperson – Drama

Alanna Elwood – Sociology

Morgan Benningfield – Writing and Digitial Art

Kasey Nelson – Cardinal Achievement

Chianne Howard – Culinary

Kaitlyn Lee – AP World Civilization

Nikolas Butts – Psychology

Rebekah Cowherd – Agriculture Leadership and AP Environmental Science

Bethany Lee – AP European History

Madelynn Sneed – Fine Arts

Malorie Byrne – Drama and Music Theory

Shawn Park – AP Chemistry

Alayna Elwood – Journalism

Devin O’Keefe – Agriculture Leadership

Chelsea Carroll – AP Biology and Microsoft Word & Office

Lanie Hall – Early Childhood Education

Shawn Monie – Cardinal Achievement

Martin Vasquez – Health Science and Anatomy & Physiology

Roger Witham – Cardinal Kroger

Madison Bishop – Band and Future Educator

Andrea Woodcox – Art Honor’s Society

Rylee Perkins – Culinary

Caitlyn Baldwin – Fancy That Entrepreneurship

Kaitlyn Beard – Choral

Jonah Ferguson – ATC Welding

Rylan Smith – Marketing

Breanna Draper – HOSA

Nathan Mink – Drafting and Hard Hat Award

Brenton Benningfield – Woodworker of the Year

Madison Lauer – AP Geography and AP Calculus

Halie Bloyd – Student of the Year

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