One Cross Kids Improves Access to Healthcare

Nurses and Nurse Practitioner

A partnership between Taylor County School District and One Cross Medical Clinic has formed One Cross Kids Clinic, a school-based clinic offering health-care provided by three registered nurses and one nurse practitioner. The mission of One Cross Kids is to provide the highest level of healthcare for Taylor County students.

Upon arriving at the One Cross Kids Clinic, each student will be evaluated and treated by one of their registered nurses. The Clinic for primary, intermediate, and middle school students is centrally located outside of the intermediate school gymnasium and is staffed by nurses Tiffany Tedder and Stephanie Chewning. Both of these ladies have been serving Taylor County students with excellent care for the past several years. Leah Bertram has been added to the One Cross Kids Clinic staff to serve high school students and is located inside the front office.

When a child has a health-care need such as a fever or an illness, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian and give them the option of either having their child see the nurse practitioner or coming to school to pick up their sick child and take them to their family healthcare provider.

Morgan Altman, APRN FNP-BC, is the nurse practitioner onsite for One Cross Kids Clinic and she has a tremendous passion for helping children. She graduated from Samford University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and earned a Master of Science in Nursing from Eastern Kentucky University. Mrs. Altman is a Board Certified APRN and is very passionate about health promotion and prevention. She enjoys serving her community and patients of all ages. Originally from Greensburg, she currently lives in Campbellsville with her husband, Jake, and their two daughters.

If the parent/guardian wants their child to be seen by the nurse practitioner, then the parent/guardian is welcome to come to the school if they would like to be present during the exam. If a prescription is needed, it will be called in by the nurse practitioner to the pharmacy of your choice.

Mrs. Altman is also available to complete school and sports physicals, as well as child exams. If a family elects to have their child seen by the nurse practitioner, then insurance will be billed through One Cross Medical Clinic.

One Cross Kids Clinic is also available for students who stay home sick. If a student cannot get a same-day appointment with their family healthcare provider, they are able to make an appointment with the One Cross Kids Clinic for a same day appointment. Simply call the school and ask to speak to the nurse.

Covered services of One Cross Kids Clinic at Taylor County Schools include nursing services to assess symptoms (headache, stomach ache, cuts and scrapes, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, etc.), treating an illness by the Nurse Practitioner, sick visits and screens (strep test, flu test, etc.), call in a prescription, if needed, to the pharmacy of your choice, health and wellness education and promotion, and sports physicals ($30 fee). In addition, if a student or staff member is already a patient of One Cross Clinic then appointments for preventative/ well-child exams can be made at One Cross Kids Clinic at Taylor County Primary/ Intermediate/ Middle and high school. If your child already has a Primary Care Provide, then One Cross Kids Clinic will give you a summary of care so that you can follow up with your child’s doctor or nurse practitioner.

If you child needs to visit the nurse practitioner then One Cross Kids Clinic will bill your insurance. If your child has Medicaid, it pays for the full cost of the visit. If your child has private/commercial insurance, then One Cross Kids Clinic will bill the co-pay to the parent or guardian.

There are many advantages for parents having their child utilize One Cross Kids Clinic. It can eliminate missed work for parents/guardians, missed classroom instruction time for students, and reduce transportation costs to and from doctor appointments.

Taylor County School District is excited about the health opportunities this partnership gives our students. We are proud of the dedicated nurses and nurse practitioner who serve our students.

Morgan Altman

Morgan Altman, APRN FNP-BC, is the nurse practitioner onsite for One Cross Kids Clinic


Stephanie Chewning and Tiffany Tedder

Stephanie Chewning and Tiffany Tedder are the nurses for students at Taylor County Primary Center, Intermediate School, and Middle School 

Leah Bertram

Leah Bertram is the nurse for students at Taylor County High School

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