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Students with a wide range of backgrounds are provided opportunities through inquiry-based instructional strategies.  There is an emphasis on six themes, which allows students to see the connections between Aeronautics and other science courses.  These six themes include: History of Air Power, Principles of Flight and Navigation, The Aerospace Community, Air Environment, and Aerospace.  Students will complete one semester of AeroScholars education electronically, IAE Moodle and flight simulation training during and after school while learning basic aviation principles.  Course materials focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and related topics to provide in-depth content knowledge.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to understand the nature and value of Aeronautics & Aerospace as a branch of knowledge in the physical world. Conceptual development and quantitative applications covering mechanics, properties of matter, motions and forces, conservation of energy, energy in the earth system, abilities of technological design, evidence , models, and explanation, Science and Technology in local, national, and global challenges. Modern Aviation reinforces the importance of mathematics and computers in developing theories. Hands-on experience in the laboratories/simulator will allow students to apply critical thinking skills. Investigative writing will enrich students understanding of science related topics. The skills gained will be useful to students who pursue higher educations and/or invaluable in the workplace.

  • Airport August 16th

    The first day that we will be going to the airport will be Tuesday, August 16th after school.  Please make plans accordingly.

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