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The National Beta Club has five state officers that serve as ambassadors for their states and are eligible to run at the National Convention.  These officers will also facilitate during the sessions of the following year's state convention. Participating as a candiadate allows Betas to actively meet and greet convention attendees, seek support for office through campaign speeches and club campaign skits, and enhance personal leadership skills. 

  • Must be a sixth or seventh grader
  • Must run for president, vice-president, secretary, or chaplain
  • Must be a member of good standing in the state and national Beta clubs
  • Must comply with all rules and regulations (see Mrs. Westbrook or Mrs. White for complete list)
  • Candiates can NOT take part in any phase of the convention program except for campaigning, campaign speech, and question and answer segment.


If you would like to run for office at the 2018 Kentucky JR Beta Convention you need to see Mrs. Westbrook or Mrs. White.  

  • 2018 Campaign Skit members

    B. Sadler
    A. Cox
    S. Smith
    K. Dobson
    C. Wilhoit
    N. Dabney
    Z. Underwood
    W. Garrett
    J. Bell
    M. Higdon
    J. Schuhmann
    A. Durham
    M. York
    C. Miracle

  • 17/18 Candidate

    The candidate for the 2017/2018 Jr Convention is Jackson Wise.  More information about joining his skit/campagin coming soon!

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