How to Use the E-Behavior System

For teachers/administration:

Go to the following web address:

Type in your email address and password

On the right of your screen, click Enter Data for your first student

Select the period you have that student

Select the current week

On the right of your screen, click Display Entry Form

Rate the student in each category presented.  The rating is 1 - 5, with 5 representing the highest/best rating and 1 representing the lowest/worst rating. The boxes at the bottom of the screen allow you to enter information that you think is important for us to know.

Missing / Failing Work: This information will be helpful for us to determine what we need to do in order to get the child back on track

Current Grade: This will inform us on how the students are doing in their classes

Additional Comments: This allows you to inform us on the child's behavior in your class, or any other comments you wish to share with the ECE team.  This can be positive and/or negative.

When you are finished with the first student, click Save and the program will take you back to the previous page.  You will then click on the next student, and fill out the evaluation again.  Repeat this process until all of your students have been evaluated.

The E-Behavior Monitoring System needs to be completed every two weeks.  This will allow the ECE team to evaluate the information given and make necessary adjustments/recommendations for the students.