How to take a test in CIITS

How to Take a Test in CIITS
1.     Log onto the computer.
2.    Go to the Taylor County School webpage.
3.    In the upper right hand corner there is a gray tab that says “CIITS”, click on this.
4.    A “Sign In” box will show up. Select “Taylor County” in the school district box.
5.    Type your username and password that I gave you in the appropriate box. Then click “Sign In”.
6.    A screen with your name will come up. Here there is a box for you to enter the “Online Passcode” for the test that you need to take. Then click “GO”
7.    It will change to show you what class the test is for and the name of the test. Now click “Start Your Test”
8.    A new screen comes up with your name and the name of the test, click on the “Start Test Now” button.
9.    The first question will pop up and now all you do is answer each question to the best of your ability.
10.When you finish taking the test, use the Test Response Summary screen to make sure you have not skipped any questions, then click “Submit Test For Grading” in the bottom right hand corner. 
11. A window will pop up that says “Are you sure you want to submit the test to graded?” Click “Yes”.
12.A window will pop up that tells you your score, review the information and then click “Close Test”
13.This will take you back out the home screen. Now click “Sign Out” in small blue writing in the upper right hand corner.