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It's October Bullying Prevention Month and Kentucky Center for School Safety is proud to announce Kentucky Safe Schools Week is set for October 17-23, 2021. This year’s theme is “Be a Safety Star” and the focus will be on the multi-faceted brilliance of what it means to be a SAFETY STAR in school and in life. From acts of kindness and respectfulness to following all safety rules and guidelines, being a true SAFETY STAR includes shining bright in all these areas. These outstanding students put others first without focusing on themselves.

Kindness, respectfulness and support of others are all characteristics of a SAFETY STAR. During COVID 19 and beyond new safety guidelines including masking, washing hands and distancing are protocols to keep schools safe. Safety drills, such as lockdown and evacuation, need to be conducted with rigor and purpose to maintain a safe environment. The students who follow the rules, support others in need, show kindness and respect to all are truly, bright shining… SAFETY STARS! Our Kentucky Safe Schools Week Webpage ( ) offers resources and materials to promote safety and character during this unsettling time.


Join us and participate in this year’s campaign “Be a Safety Star” in your school, home and community. Take the online “Safety Star Pledge.”

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