Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Taylor County Middle School Drama Club presented Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on March 7, March 8, March 9, and March 10, 2019 in the Roger D. Cook Auditorium on the campus of Taylor County High School.


The TCMS Drama Club sponsors are Lisa Richerson and Mistie Lee. Taylor County High School seniors Amelia Bowen and Lauren Phillips directed the production.


The cast included:


Jordyn Farmer, 7th grade, Alice

Hannah Hansford, 8th grade, Alice

Ethan Bright, 7th grade, White Rabbit

Tiara Stargel, 6th grade, Mouse

Elijah Rogers, 6th grade, Mock Turtle

Tristan Parish, 6th grade, Lory

Emily Clark, 8th grade, Dodo

Chloe Hall, 7th grade, Red Queen

Landon Harris, 7th grade, Soldier One

Abby Graham, 7th grade, Knave of Hearts

Maelee Mattingly, 7th grade, Soldier Two

Versailee Butler, 7th grade, Queen of Hearts

Bradyn Wright, 7th grade, Caterpillar

Landon Harris, 7th grade, Lizard Footman

Seth Newton, 7th grade, Frog Footman

Serenity Blair, 6th grade, Duchess

Natalie Johnson, 7th grade, Cook

Whitley Eastridge, 7th grade, Cheshire Cat

Ethan Lee, 5th grade, Tweedledee

Maddie Lane, 6th grade, Tweedledum

Abigail Blakeman, 8th grade, Mad Hatter

Abigayle Lee, 8th grade, March Hare

Ella Milby, 6th grade, Dormouse

Rose Harmon, 6th grade, Rose

Becca Keith, 8th grade, Lily and Sister

Addison Fulkerson, 4th grade, Daisy

Myleah Read, 5th grade, Sunflower

Anna Smith, 6th grade, White Queen

Poppi Harden, 7th grade, White Queen

Zoey Bottom, 6th grade, Knight

John Phillips, 7th grade, Humpty Dumpty

Andrew Pike, 8th grade, King of Hearts

Elijah Lee, 2nd grade, Pig


The art and design crew, under the leadership of Art Director Tim Wood, consisted of Indica Baker, Trinity Bartley, Meredith Blakeman, Savanna Brown, Amethyst Colvin, Sarah Curry, Emily Davis, Reece Durham, Hayley Etherington, Catharine Fisher, Hannah Hansford, Landon Harris, Gabby Herring, Katelyn Jones, Michael Jones, Emily Mason, Lila Murphy, Breanna Newcomb, Seth Newton, Madalyn Nolley, Emilee Petrey, Viktoria Rosner, Caleb Russell, Caitlyn Satterly, Jillian Schuhmann, Annie Shipp, Jayda Smith, Zander Smith, Carli Tuckett, Witman Tucker, and MaKayla Underwood.


The stage production crew, under the leadership of Audio Visual Director Nathan Pendleton, consisted of Lea Corbin, Mary Hall, Matthew Magness, Breanna Sharp, Amber Cave, Colby Reynolds, Jane Tucker, Landon Rodenberg, Riley Phillips, Sophie McAnelly, Ashley Hunt, Joseph Cox, Mayci Hafley, and Kelsie Perkins.


The Taylor County Middle School Drama Club would like to thank all the parents of the outstanding students at Taylor County Middle School and High School, Lisa Gupton, and Taylor County staff and administration for their support.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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