Fit 4 Life

21st Century Community Learning Center

Fit 4 Life is a 21st Century Community Learning Center that is offered Monday-Thursday for Taylor County High School students.  The program operates before school from 7-8 am and after school from 3-5pm.   Fit 4 Life runs 120 days of the school year and offers several summer camps that focus on STEM activities and College/Career Readiness.  All students are eligible to participate in the program. 

Fit 4 Life is a very academic-oriented program, but we also like to have fun. Students are highly engaged with different types of activities.  Our program offers homework help in all four major subject areas- Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  We also offer fun-filled academic enrichment classes.

Fit 4 Life Schedule-
7:00 - 8:00 - Homework help, Computer/Internet Access, Printing Capabilities, Quiet Reading Time, Make-Up Tests, and Study Areas.

3:00 - 3:15   Free Snack for all students
3:15 - 4:15   Homework Help 

4:15 - 5:00 - Enrichment - Clubs, Student Organizations, Aviation

                  Aviation (Tuesdays only), Computer Applications,Young Historian,

                  FFA, Drama, Library Book Club,               

                  Clubs are offered on different days of the week.  

                  Club Sponsors will announce meeting dates to students.

                   We will be making additions to the Fit 4 Life schedule during
                   the school year.  Please check this site often for updates.

Fit 4 Life has goals that we strive to meet each year.  The goals include:
    1) Improve cognitive indicators of student success (K-PREP, End-of-course exams, ACT, etc.)
    2) Improve non-cognitive indicators of student success (attendance, behavior, etc.)
    3) Provide parenting programs for success
    4) Provide a variety of summer camps

The objectives for the program include: 
    1) Provide academic support
    2) Provide family literacy skills
    3) Mentoring support

    4) Health and physical wellness activities
    5) Provide job-seeking skills/leads
    6) Provide parenting skills
    7) College/Career Readiness and STEM summer camps
    8) Increase summer camp attendance

For more information, or to register your child for Fit 4 Life, please contact Bam Carney at 270-465-2877 or e-mail at:

The majority of our programs are absolutely FREE.  I encourage you to enroll your child for homework help and enrichment activities.  We provide a free snack and safe environment for before- and after-school learning.

Parents, we also want you to participate in activities designed for you, our parents, and your families.  Here are some upcoming activities provided to you by our community partners:


Fit 4 Life has started!!!!