TC Schools Covid Protocol

As the start of the 2021-2022 school year approaches, we want to share various recommendations and guidance regarding Covid-19 protocol. Currently, there are no mask mandates within our TC school buildings, however there are multiple state and federal recommendations and guidance. We will do our best as a district to keep you informed as this information is handed down to us. Unfortunately, these mandates can change daily like we’ve experienced in the past. We encourage parents to read all recommendations and make a family decision (parent-choice) about your child in regards to wearing masks and vaccinations.

Please refer to the guidance below for more information.


CDC Recommendation

Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services Recommendation

American Association of Pediatricians Guidance


If masks are mandated by local or state officials, then the mandate will override any plan that the district has in place; however there are options parents can pursue. If masks are mandated then parents can obtain a physician note if their child cannot wear a mask due to health issues or see a mental health professional at The Kid Spot if their child cannot wear a mask due to emotional or mental concerns.


We are waiting for further guidance and possible mandates from the Kentucky Department of Education and Governor Beshear. If you would like to voice your concern or support with potential future mandates then please contact Frankfort directly. At the local level we are trying to make the best decisions possible while keeping our students safe and in school, as we are scheduled to return to in-person learning on August 25th. We are not in a position where our decisions will please everyone, therefore we appreciate your patience and support as we work together to provide our students a successful school year.


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