Senior Celebration
Starts 5/23/2020 @ 8:00 PM Ends 5/23/2020 @ 9:30 PM
More Information (Directions)


We'll be having a SPECIAL SENIOR CELEBRATION on Saturday, May 23rd.

Parade line up BEGINS at 8pm in the parking lot behind TCMS. The parking lot will be CLOSED until 8pm for organizational purposes.

All TCHS seniors should enter from INGRAM AVENUE (middle school side).

Campus Map


Cars MUST be decorated before entering campus. NO ONE can exit their cars once on campus due to social distancing.


TCHS Class of 2020 seniors are ONLY allowed to participate in the parade/ senior celebration.


Arrangements will be made for students without transportation or with special needs. PLEASE CONTACT TCHS directly if you have transportation issues/ special needs.


Cars, SUVs, and trucks will ONLY be allowed in the parade. NO motorcycles, off road vehicles, golf carts, tractors, etc. will be allowed.


Parade Route


Start on Victory Lane

Right on Cherokee

Right at light on Broadway

Left at light on Lebanon Avenue

Right down Main Street

Right on Federal Place

Left at light on Highway 55

Right on Highway 210

Left into Taylor County High School (both entrances will be used to expedite parking) to begin a SPECIAL PROJECT GRADUATION FOR OUR SENIORS. Reminder to our seniors that pizza, drinks, and prizes will be given away at Project Graduation!!!

**Parade viewing: the best viewing will be on the RIGHT side of the road. Please practice social distancing**



The police escort will set the speed for all participants.

All vehicles should maintain a constant and safe speed. NO vehicles should stop along the route unless stopped by the police escort.

Law enforcement will be posted at each red light to assist in parade flow through lights.

All participants must stay in vehicles.

NO items can be thrown or given out on the parade route.