Reality Town

Reality Town

8th graders at Taylor County Middle School participated in Reality Town, an interactive activity as part of Career Readiness Education, on Friday, March 22, 2019.


During Reality Town, 8th grade students are asked to choose a career based upon their Grade Point Average. After choosing their career, they then draw for the number of children they have, receive a salary based on their chosen career, and see how much is taken out of their salary for taxes.


Community members volunteer from various local businesses and help guide the students through various life choices. Booths are set up that students must visit to pay real-life bills: insurance, housing, groceries, childcare, entertainment, transportation, etc. Students are encouraged to make smart life choices and to make it through the money without spending all of their income.


The goal of Reality Town is for students to realize that the decisions they make now in school can affect the rest of their lives and to make smart decisions now so that all possibilities are open to them when it is time to choose their career path.

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