Dear Class of 2020

Open Letter for the Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020,


We find ourselves in perhaps the most unusual circumstances in modern human history. In a season when our days should be filled with celebrations of your accomplishments--your victories on the ball field, your last performances in show choir and drama, your final band concert, your last race around the track, your last FFA meeting--we are instead practicing social distancing to save the most vulnerable members of our community. Is it fair that you are being robbed of some of these “lasts” of your high school career? No, it is not fair. And in all the ways you are sad and hurting right now, we are sad and hurting with you. We are hurting for you because we love you. We love being in the audience when you perform, we love being in the stands when you play, we love congratulating you and celebrating your every accomplishment and victory. Our lives are dedicated to helping you excel in all the areas you are passionate about. And when you cannot live out your dreams, we cannot live out ours.


That being said, we would like to let you in on a secret about you that we have always known--your best days are ahead of you. The joy and triumph students feel during their senior year as they accomplish the goals they have spent 12 years working toward pales in comparison to the joy and triumph you will feel as a grown person living out your dreams in the world. When you start your career, we will be cheering for you. When you buy your first home, we will be cheering for you. When you propose to the person you love, we will be cheering for you. When you live out the life God has planned for you and become a fully fledged adult member of our community and the world, we will be applauding your success with all our might.


There may be sad days ahead. There will be disappointments ahead. But maybe this time of unexpected reflection will put you on a path toward dreams that you never could have imagined before. Your teachers have not forgotten you. We are here for you during this time and during the unexpected times ahead. Your senior year may not be turning out like you had planned, but the true tragedy of this time of isolation will be if you spend too much time thinking about what might have been and not enough time thinking about what can be. Your futures are bright. Happy days are on the horizon. We are so, so sorry that this global pandemic is affecting your senior year. Please remember that we know you, we love you, and we are certain you will make the most out of this challenge.


Rise above, Class of 2020!



Your teachers


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